Bristol United Church of Christ     "The Church on the Hill"
Bristol United Church of Christ         "The Church on the Hill"  

Regarding Bristol UCC Church Closing for Coronavirus/COVID-19


Following Governor Sununu's decision for mandatory sheltering in place, the church building will remain closed and all in-person church activities suspended through Monday, MAY 4.  This includes Sunday School and Adult Ed classes, prayer groups, committee meetings, worship services, and all outside groups that use our building.  We will continue to monitor the situation and inform you of further closings, procedures, plans, and developments.  


For the time being, we will be working our regular office schedules between the closed church building and home.  We may be reached during office hours at the office #744-8132, or Rev. Andrew at home  #217-0704.  Rev. Andrew will continue to provide pastoral care and support remotely by telephone and email.  He may be reached after hours at his home number.  Please leave a message and he will get back to you.  


This week, Rev. Andrew plans to have a remote worship experience available via the internet.  Please see Pastor's Corner on this website for further instructions on this.


Stay Safe. 



15 Church Street

PO Box 424

Bristol, New Hampshire 03222

(603) 744-8132


Rev. Andrew MacLeod, Pastor

Secretary, Sheree Pelletier 


Worship Hours (SEPTEMBER through JUNE):

Intergenerational Worship (no Sunday School)     10:00 AM     (first Sunday of the month)

Sunday School      10:00 AM  

Sunday Worship   10:00 AM


Summer Worship Hours (JULY and AUGUST):

Intergenerational Worship 9:30 AM 


Facilities are handicap accessible with a lift

Our services are hearing assisted

Large print bulletins are available

Nursery care available for pre-school children by request


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Bristol United Church welcomes you, whatever your origins, whatever your religious background or absence of one: whatever your lifestyle. Whether you are affluent or struggling; educated or lacking in schooling; handicapped or high functioning. Whether you feel privileged or denied, joyful or grieving, we are here for you.


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About Us

We want you to know that we hold women and men in equal dignity; that we value young and old alike. And we believe that we can achieve community without uniformity of beliefs, either as a creed or as conformity of thought.


Our ideal is individual freedom in a responsive and responsible faith community, guided by the example of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. By God's grace, we use our minds to seek the truth, and have generous tolerance for those whom God has guided in different directions and with whom we disagree. We try never to place a period where God has placed a comma, God is still speaking.


If this seems different from other churches you have experienced or heard about, it's because we are. We invite you to join us on a spiritual journey. WELCOME!