Bristol United Church of Christ     "The Church on the Hill"
Bristol United Church of Christ         "The Church on the Hill"  

Pastor's Corner




Below, I have made a list of important information for the church during this Coronavirus / COVID-19.  If you read nothing else on this page or in this column, please read that.


Dear Ones:  What interesting times we find ourselves experiencing!  I am aware that our current situation, right now as I'm writing, may not and probably will not be the same by the time you read this.  Things could get better but I think we must be prepared for them to continue as they are for now.  If new restrictions are put in place, obviously we shall need to comply.  Please get your news and updates from reliable sources and try not to pass on rumors and the like.


One of the biggest challenges while we are all supposed to be staying home and out of the public is staying connected.  Many folks have been making calls to church and community members to check in , chat, and just say hi.  This is so important right now.  I have some volunteers doing weekly telephone check ins with about 20 parishioners that I've identifed.  That's going great!  What I wonder now is this:  "Who is home and feeling isolated and would like to receive a call from me or another church volunteer?"  If this is you, please let me know.  Call me at the office or at home, or shoot me an email.  We'll find a way to connect.  Know that you are not alone in these times or with these worries and concerns.  Also, please remember that God is always with you.  Together with God and our churrch family, we will go on; we will get through this.


You are all in my prayers for blessings from God - Rev. Andrew


Important Information:

  1. At this time, the church building is closed and will be AT LEAST until MAY 4.
  2. People who have a key to the church should not use it to gain entry at this time except for those few who have a legitimate purpose:  head trustee, clock winder, administrator, pastor, custodian.  If you believe you have some other legitimate purpose to come on site, please get approval from Tom Keegan, Sheree, or me.  This is for everyone's safety and to limit our church employees and volunteers exposure to possible pathogens.
  3. As of now, the church office is being staffed during regular church hours.  You may be in touch by telephone, U.S. Mail, or email.  Please do not come to the church building.
  4. Please keep your pledges coming in.  Send your checks to:  Bristol UCC, PO Box 424, Bristol, NH  03222, Attention Finance Secretary.
  5. All items on the church calendar are scheduled tentatively.  None of the meetings, classes, or outside groups will be using the building until church leaders decide it is safe to reopen our building for in-peerson activities.
  6. Sunday Services and Wednesday Morning Devotions have moved online as of March 25.  These gatherings are taking place using the "Zoom" teleconferencing computer program.                                                                        a.  At first, only those with a computer connection will be able to participate.  Watch your email for                       information and instructions.  All songs and prayers will be on-screen during the service.                              b.  Beginning Sunday, April 5, there will also be an option for people to call in by regular telephone or                 cell phone.  People who plan to use this option should call the church to get a worship bulletin                         so they can participate.