Bristol United Church of Christ     "The Church on the Hill"
Bristol United Church of Christ         "The Church on the Hill"  

Pastor's Corner


Celebrating Ten Years

 Friends, to be quite honest, I was flabbergasted by your desire to celebrate ten years of ministry together. I know it was a milestone and I know it is important for congregations to celebrate such milestones. I am just not used to or completely comfortable being the center of people’s attention as I was on July 17. You all have been wonderfully supportive of me over these years and I often sing your praises to colleagues when I gather with them. One special takeaway I was reminded of by your spirit and enthusiasm was this: WE TRULY ARE IN THIS MINISTRY TOGETHER. I know that I know this fact, and I know that I’ve spoken of it and even preached about it. But you all made me FEEL IT this year, not only with your kind words and great foods for celebration, but also with all your prayers and support when I was going through my cancer surgery and recovery. We have celebrated births and other life milestones together. We have said goodbye to friends together, some who have moved away, and others who have entered eternal rest in the Lord.

Please accept my genuine thanks for walking the Way of Christ with Karen and me these past ten years.



Weekday Bible Study Group


This Fall, I would like to offer a Bible Study group that meets on a weekday morning. Our Monday evening study group still has plenty of room if you would like to join us some time. Evening still works for many people. However…


Some folks are less comfortable going out in the evening. It may be their neighborhoods are dark, or they go to sleep earlier, or they may not see as well to drive, or it could just be a personal preference. If you are interested in a daytime study group, which day works better for you? It could be Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday and may not meet every week as the evening study does (except for Monday holidays). Please consider and let me know some time in August so I may plan to start up in September.