Bristol United Church of Christ     "The Church on the Hill"
Bristol United Church of Christ         "The Church on the Hill"  

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Beloved of God,


In Mark’s version of the Gospel, the author has Jesus move from one place to another to literally move the narrative, the story, along. You may remember that an early name for the Christian movement was, “The Way.” This referred to the path or road that one walked in life as a disciple of Christ. Each Lent, we read of Jesus’ ministry beginning in Galilee and leading to Jerusalem. In re-reading the story, we “walk along” with Jesus and the disciples on his way. In so doing, we remember who he is and why it is we follow him. We renew our relationship with Christ in the process. We might remember why we chose to become followers in the first place or some parts of our journey that strengthened or changed us. We may even discover new reasons to walk this way of Christ. Each of us has our own reasons to follow    Jesus and to make our church a part of our following him.


Although we could each do most any of the things that happen in a Sunday service on our own, doing them together at the same time makes a unique experience that many find meaningful. We know from the gospels that Jesus participated in worship services at synagogues and at the temple. He prayed with others and also alone. We even know sang hymns. Worshipping together is a part of Jesus’ way. It connects us with God and other people. I hope that you will find time to worship with us in March as you are able, in person or through Zoom. Throughout the month we shall travel along the way with Jesus, singing and praying and reading the Bible together with him. We know that his journey will land him

trouble. But we also know that God doesn’t let trouble have the final say. We know that Jesus’ walk up the hill at Golgotha is not the end of his journey. The way, his way, continues to this day in those who follow his teachings and his example.


Come renew yourself and your journey with us this month. March concludes with Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem and God’s victory over evil and death. Below are the dates and times when the church will gather. We hope to see you there.



3/24 -10:00 AM           Palm Sunday Service - Reading the Passion Narrative Mark 14-15

3/28 -  6:00 PM           Maundy Thursday – Tenebrae Service with Soup and Communion

3/31 -  7:00 AM           Easter Sunrise Service on the front lawn

           7:30 AM           Easter Breakfast in Fellowship Hall

         10:00 AM           Intergenerational Easter Service with “Flowering the Cross”