Bristol United Church of Christ     "The Church on the Hill"
Bristol United Church of Christ         "The Church on the Hill"  

Pastor's Corner

Lent Is Here


Next Wednesday beings the church's season of preparation for the celebration of Easter - the day of Christ's Resurrection and of rebirth for his followers.  Traditionally, Christ-followers have marked this season by repentance, prayer, and fasting.


Repentance is a concept from the Old Testament that means -turning back toward God.  Repentance begins with an examination of our own consciences.  We seek out and identify those acts and attitudes that distance us from God and our neighbors.  This is sin.  Having identified it in ourselves, we then turn away from the sin and toward a deeper and more loving, respectful relationship with God.  


Prayer is a transformative process in which we speak our truths, our fears, and our hopes for others and for ourselves.  We speak them to God, sometimes with words and sometimes not, and we listen for God's word in our lives.


In fasting, we refrain from eating too much or participating too much in activities that are self-seeking and self-indulgent.  When we fast - from foul language, from indulgent foods, from unhealthy activities and attitudes, and etc., we open space in our lives for God's love and grace to act upon us and through us.


Please join us in person or in spirit this Lent at the "Church on the Hill."  Together, let us turn our hearts and lives more fully toward Jesus Christ and our neighbors.  Together, let us fast from those things not life-giving or life-affirming.  Together, let us open our hearts and our selves in prayers of thanksgiving, praise, and commitment to the One who gave all on our behalf.


Lenten Blessings,

Rev. Andrew